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Some stuff is complete, but a lot is being migrated, stay tuned!

Windows 64 PE Internals Just some notes on Windows PEs.

Numbers List An old list of numbers

Assorted Links From Notes Just some random links

Gameboy Disassembler Tutorial - STREAM A stream tutorial I did on writing a disassembler for the original Gameboy in Python.

S8 Data Line Locator Current resources for S8 Data Line Locator Reversing

PocketTools Some tools for rapid testing of binaries and shellcode. In development.

ELF x86_64 Binary Mangling 101 A quick guide on ELF internals and creating barebones executables by hand & from scratch.

Pokemon Gold & Silver Browser Ever seen this gem from 2000?

Star Wars CommTech Reader Old Analysis of Star Wars RFID toy.

VTech Kidijamz An examination of an interesting musical toy.

Snapchat Snapcode Analysis In Progress

Emoji Puzzle Cascade that UTF-8 babby...

Reconstructing Ancient Internet Caches And finding BBS-era porn...