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Pokemon Gold & Silver Browser

The Pokemon Gold & Silver brower was released around 2000 by a defunct company called MediaBrowser. The server used to register the browser is long dead, so I got it running by using the registry patch located here in a Windows XP VM.

I couldn't get it to run in a Windows 7 VM or on Windows 10, which is a shame. But I noticed some weird files in the actual directory that runs the program.

06/13/2000  04:31 PM             5,573 license.txt
12/14/2000  05:43 PM             2,907 Micro.skc
09/22/2000  11:43 AM            40,960 Pokemon.exe
12/14/2000  05:32 PM             2,323 PokemonGS.mbc
12/14/2000  05:43 PM           621,905 r1.skc
12/14/2000  05:43 PM           896,246 r2.skc
06/29/2000  12:46 PM             1,210 Readme.txt
06/28/2000  08:52 PM           154,080 Setup.bmp
12/14/2000  05:43 PM            26,221 Wind2R1.skc
12/14/2000  05:43 PM            38,213 Wind2R2.skc
              10 File(s)      1,789,638 bytes

The .mbc and .skc files both have the same magic value in the header "34DEA4", which leads me to believe they are related. MB is the intials of MediaBrowser, which leads me to believe that they may be proprietary. Also, seeing as the actual Pokemon.exe file is only 40kB, and the .skc files are significantly larger, they are probably related to getting the program running.

The install executable is located here, and a zip file of the directory listed above is located here

If you want to run the registry patch in Windows XP, copy and paste this into a file called pkmn.reg and click to run. (After you install!)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


I'll try and do some dynamic analysis of Pokemon.exe soon using Immunity Debugger on Windows XP. Stay tuned.