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Assorted Resources

Here's some random resources I've found recently that I figured I'd put in one place.


DD Examples

LD_PRELOAD Info - A good primer on LD_PRELOAD exploits and detection

Linux Load Averages

ANSI Escape Codes


Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage - Very good resource on Windows Assembly and MASM

Windows x86-64 Syscall Table

WOW64Ext - x86 Extender for WOW64

Portable Executables 101

Windows DMA Attacks


CNIT 127: Exploit Development - Using the Shellcoder's Handbook

ROP Chain Primer

x86 Shellcode Obfuscation

Davinci Seal - An implementation of PoC || GTFO Davinci seal

PyExfil - Python Exfiltration Methods

Blue Team

Blocking Web Vulnerability Scanners

Textbased Art

ASCII Text Generator

Convert Image To Ansi Art

Mac / OSX

Minimal Mach-O Binaries

Exploiting dyld


Azeria Labs ARM Tutorial - Very good primer on ARM for exploit development and general debugging.

Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly

Debugging Hard Faults on ARM Cortex M MCUs


Nzyme - WiFi Monitoring, Intrusion Detection And Forensics

Connecting to APRS-IS

Decoding Russian Meteor-M2 Satellite Images


MEID Converter


Regex Railroad Diagrams

Image Processing

Picture to C Hex Converter - Convert images to C/C++ arrays. Useful for Arduino screen interfacing

Analog Video Basics

AVR / Arduino

Monitor & Keyboard Controllers


Python: List Comprehensions

Go: Go by Example - Good primer

Go: Network Programming with Go - One of the best resources on network programming I've ever seen.

JS: NES Disassembler - This is really sweet...