ELF Binary Mangling Series

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This is a blog series about making super small ELF binaries.

The record set in EBM4 was beaten in 2023 by lm978, who produced an 80 byte x86_64 ELF by using ET_DYN instead of ET_EXEC.

Elf Binary Mangling Pt. 4: Limit Break // 
An 82 byte ET_EXEC ELF for x86_64. Later published in tmp.0ut 2
ELF Binary Mangling Pt. 3: Weaponization // 
Making tiny ELFs destructive
ELF Binary Mangling Pt. 2: Golfin // 
Creating an 84 byte ELF for x86_64 with nasm
ELF Binary Mangling Pt. 1: Concepts // 
What's in an ELF anyways?