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Collection of notes, gists, threads, and other nuggets of info.

Teardown - Dyson TP07 Fan // 
A teardown of the Dyson TP07 Fan. Originally posted on Twitter.
How To Get A CVE Revoked // 
Some notes about erroneous CVEs
Teardown - Smart Wifi Downlight // 
A teardown of a Feit Electric Smart Wifi Downlight. Originally posted on Twitter.
Wireshark Tips n Tricks // 
Some tips for using wireshark // 
List all the protocols in a given pcap using tshark
UEFI Applications For Cute Elves With Swords // 
Some notes about using gnu-efi to build UEFI apps
PS1 Prompts // 
Prompts I use on various shells.
ANSI Tips n' Tricks // 
ANSI Escape Sequences
The PCAP File Format // 
Descriptions of PCAP and PCAPNG files
Answering a question about how RELRO works on ELFs
Using Vim as a hex editor // 
How to do quick and dirty hex editing with vim
RE Tips: Common String Representations // 
How strings look in binary form
RE Tips: Timestamps // 
Identifying timestamps in unknown protocols and binary formats
Teardown - Ellume Covid Test // 
A teardown of the Ellume Covid Test. Originally posted on Twitter.
x86 Shellcode Tricks // 
Some notes about things you can do with x86 shellcode // 
Very simple python script for sending raw packets on Linux
Python 3.7+ .pyc file format // 
Notes on the .pyc format
Linux Oneliners // 
A collection of oneliners that have been useful to me
Python Hello World // 
A hello world in Python // 
Sending messages within the Wireshark packet hex dump
ARM32 Binary Mangling // 
Some notes on experimenting with small ARM32 binaries.