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Hello! It’s been a while since I updated my website. I’m finally using a static site generator instead of the borked python script I used to use.

This is a major work in progress as I learn how to actually use this and make my old pages work in here. Apologies in advance if any paths change or things end up in unexpected spots. The result should be a much nicer experience for both you reading, and me publishing.

I realized I had a lot of stuff everywhere, but I didn’t know what to actually do with it. All the pages, repos, gists, twitter/mastodon threads, etc. really add up! Hopefully this new way of publishing will help me to organize a bit better.

The content of my site will be a more concise aggregation of all the stuff I’ve created previously. There is a notes section that contains less formal notes and writeups that I’ve done. There is also a cheatsheets page that is mainly for myself. Also the site’s content is reactive, yay! Lastly, I moved all the BGGP related pages to https://binary.golf ! Go check it out.

I am going to try to use this site more instead of social media for all my long form posts. I also am going to have a blog for non-tech stuff somewhere.

Thanks for visiting! If there are any issues with the site feel free to hit me up!!

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